About Us

My love affair with the Cockapoo started by way of my career in the animal care field in New York City. As a Certified Master Groomer for a large part of my life, I was always on a quest for the perfect dog to groom, to own, and more importantly to maintain. Being an individual who seeks perfection, my eyes remained opened for such a dog.

During the latter part of my life I found myself and my career going into a different direction, still working with animals but now in the medical field as a Veterinary Technician. At this stage, I became increasingly concerned with the severe health problems and conditions that ailed so many of the breeds I adore. Having just put my beloved 5 year old Cocker Spaniel down, as she herself was suffering from breed related health problems, I then began to research very carefully for my next dog. I asked myself what was important to me and my family. At the time, my younger brother began to suffer from asthma and this played an important role in my decision. I started to think about other characteristics aside from health, now including low- to non-shedding which narrowed my choices. Though many dog breeds caught my attention, I found that I was still searching until I came across the Cockapoo.

Ideally, the Cockapoo presented itself as the perfect dog. It matched all of my requirements; temperament, intellect and health to name a few. It was a burst of fresh air and completely different from the cases I experienced. It was an untapped beauty that created the best from two breeds. Away from many of the congenital health problems plaque by so many over-bred pure breeds. Having built my career for more then a decade in the animal field as a care specialist and given the unique and challenging circumstances that I found myself in, I then sought out the Cockapoo. Though I still love and own other breeds, it is the Cockapoo that I hold claim to.

Now with the launch of Town & Country, I am able to introduce my own breeding program, bring forth my expertise and unique vision to what I feel is important to this breed, I dare not see the Cockapoo go down the road of my beloved Cocker Spaniel. I hope to refine and establish the Cockapoo, while maintaining all of the unsurpassed charm that attracted me to it.

I am not breeding my breed for the mere purposes of mass production or breeding for profit, which unfortunately I am seeing is now the case due to the over popularity of this designer breed. I have always been concerned with the proper welfare of every animal given my career and great love for every living thing. I truly believe that anything wonderful is even better when shared. It is my wish that in launching this site I am able to share my experience and lifestyle with these wonderful dogs and that it can further the love and future development of this delightful breed. So it is therefore my pleasure to introduce you to Town & Country Cockapoos.