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Around & About Town & Country

Currently 5 luxuriously coated Cockapoos have the run of the house and gardens at our beautiful country home; Located in a quaint New England village, just 40 minutes northwest of Boston.

This peaceful and scenic setting proves to be great for our soul and provides the perfect environment for the efforts of raising some of the future Cockapoos that will go on to establish the breed.

Here our Cockapoos run and play for hours on several of the open lawns, they amble along the grass paths of the perennial beds, tagging along beside us as we tend to the grounds. Inside the Colonial-style house they share with 5 Red Factor Canaries, a few other dogs and our Himalayan Cat. They can often be found all snuggled up in one of their beds or lying on the kitchen floor as we prepare meals.

For a while we all lived in New York. There our Cockapoos enjoyed both Town & Country living, we would very often go for long walks down the London plane tree-lined streets of beautiful brownstones in our wonderful old neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn; when we were not all enjoying the scenic views of our charming weekend home in the Hudson Valley. The dogs and I would go on many play dates in both Prospect and Central Park, where they socialized and played fetch with a variety of dogs including many other Cockapoos.

Our Cockapoos live in a family environment; meaning they are everywhere in the house, we do not own many dogs, since we are not a kennel, allowing for each to receive the individual attention they deserve and enjoy the pleasure of living normal lives.
The Cockapoos of Town & Country have done several advertising campaigns and we will soon be exhibiting in agility events and obedience trails throughout New England and other areas on the east coast.

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