Available Litters

Available Cockapoos.

Town & Country is dedicated to having only the healthiest, happiest dogs possible, with great temperaments and exceptional personalities that of course are beautiful and posses all the conformational traits fitting this wonderful breed.

Our featured Cockapoos and puppies posted on our blog are available for placement. If interested please email for further information and to be placed on our waiting list.


Town & Country reserves the right to not place our Cockapoos with people we feel will not be in our dogs' best interest. Our Cockapoos are the result of great love and care and it is our desire for them to remain treated this way throughout their life.

We reserve the right to not place a puppy in a home where it will be left alone all day or for more then 5 consecutive hours a day. Puppies require a great amount of care and time. Exceptions made for people who employ - dog walkers, pet sitter, doggie daycare, etc. Proof required prior to sale.

We reserve the right to not place a puppy in a home with children under the age of 7 years. Under the best of intentions, children can easily hurt young puppies, accidents can occur, and just as simply a puppy will have to be rushed to a veterinarian. Exceptions have been made under supervised interactions.

We reserve the right to not place a puppy with a breeder who does not have our same goal and standard in mind. No exceptions made.

Our puppies come with a written health guarantees, Cockapoo registration papers and our Town & Country seal of standard.