Breeding Program


Our Breeding Program

      Our exclusive breeding program is setup to guarantee that we breed true to type with every future generation, ensuring that each generation of Cockapoos have litters possessing traits that are original to the Cockapoo breed. We decide to selectively breed dogs that best meet a certain criteria, in addition to that of the breed standard. Town & Country has a specific standard for breeding which desires a more compact body type and a certain size at maturity. Coat type and texture also plays a very important role in our breeding program. Most importantly we only breed from dog's that are tested to be clear of any major genetic health problems in order to produce better dogs in the following generations. Therefore, we wait until our dogs reach the proper age of two years or older and have had all test performed before entering them into our breeding program.

We find it to be extremely important to use the best dog's available. Our breeding program now consist of a foundation stock of champion bloodline American Cocker spaniels and toy Poodles. Our remarkable Third generation Cockapoos are bred from only the best second generation dogs.

Town & Country has a small select group of exceptional Cockapoos. Each has been chosen for a specific attribute that is essential to the Cockapoo breed standard as a whole. By combining these attributes and establishing future pedigrees we wish to create a set type, to be known as the "Town & Country" standard.

We have gone to great lengths to raise the finest adult dogs for our breeding program