Some may wonder what's so special about a Cockapoo? Well these out of the ordinary dogs are fast becoming the number one choice as companions. Aside from the allure most have with the coined term "Designer Breed" many are discovering that these fashionable balls of fur are perfectly suited to fit wonderfully into their lifestyle. Whether being walked along the streets of hectic Manhattan or playing in the country side of Massachusetts, these dogs are distinguished from other breeds by their very own character. The Cockapoos friendly and gentle disposition makes it easy for them to be at home anywhere.

These highly intelligent dogs, (sometimes too much for their own good) retain many of their attributes from their links to the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel. They have a great disposition and are loyal and very affectionate, known for having a very sweet nature and near -perfect health. They are a family dog bonding with anyone willing to shower them with love and affection. Though some do tend to favor one family member, they are still nonetheless friendly and loving towards everyone. Their low to non-shedding coat is a plus not only for the allergy prone but also for those who do not wish to have hair in every corner of the house or wear their dogs everywhere they travel. Though it is to be noted that some Cockapoos do tend to shed, but not as much as say a Labrador or German shepherd, as there is still work underway to stabilize the breed.

Their love of children and other animals surpass many other breeds but one should always supervise young children around any animal.

They are very trainable and eager to please. They do very well with early and proper socialization. These are dogs that can perform wonderfully in obedience and agility as they are very lively and love to play. Some are sensitive to the tone of ones voice, so when training one should be consistent and firm but always gentle.