The Cockapoo Story

The Cockapoo Story

 The reasons for the Cockapoos overwhelming appeal and recent gain in popularity are quite obvious to anyone who is familiar with this extraordinary canine. These reasons alone are an important part of the Cockapoo's character and how it came to be recognized and known as one of today's most popular designer breeds. Though there has been much debate about the Cockapoo, many purebred enthusiasts would rather make it appear as if this is nothing other than a passing trend and turn their heads at the thought of "it" being called a Breed. But there is too much evidence to the contrary.

Too many of these enthusiasts would rather have you believe that their breed was drawn out of thin air, focusing only on the origins and early history and dismissing all together the behind the scenes production of the true makings of their purebreds. Though let's be clear the Cockapoo is not yet considered an official breed by any of the leading kennel clubs, in part due to the great deal of controversy and contradictions, contradictions that unfortunately were placed on the Cockapoo by some of the very people that bred them. A lack of knowledge on genetics, deceitful breeding practices and breeding with no particular goal in mind all contribute to the Cockapoos unofficial breed status. However the Cockapoo is not without its own "Breed" history, it is well known that they were recognized in the United States around the 1960's, possibly earlier; and that such crosses were also evident in Europe and Australia. In Australia, they are known as a Spoodle where they seem to have quite a following. The Cockapoos of today are possible to have an extremely bright future slowly becoming a breed of high prestige and most importantly longevity, as a lot of modern day dog owners are aware of the health conditions with many purebreds. But still are allured with the charm and style of a dog that carries a known pedigree.

The Cockapoo originated from the cross breeding of the Poodle to the Cocker Spaniel, this heritage is responsible for what gives the Cockapoo their amazing breed type and of course their unique and comical breed name. How and why it came to be is quite obscure. However the interest was evident from the beginning. This Crossbreeding resulted in a hybrid; a dog that possessed all of the desirable qualities of both the parental breeds, a well-balanced and highly compatible dog suited for every lifestyle; intelligent, non-shedding with a greater likelihood of being healthy and free from hereditary health problems only but scratches the surface in describing the Cockapoo. Which then asks the questions: Was this breeding intended to yield the desired results? What was the deciding factor? Or was it a lucky coincidence as the result of an accident by neglectful owners? And if so how did it become so widespread? As interest in the Cockapoo has reached as far as Japan, it is impossible to know what the ultimate goal was for this crossing, what was no coincidence was, how attracted and devoted some people became towards this dog; which still happens to be the case in our present day. As the Cockapoo became known as a wonderful all around companion dog, it's popularity increased significantly drawing to it both positive and negative attention.

The Cockapoos humble beginnings, unclear purpose and future unfortunately lead to its presentation as an unnecessary mutt in the world of pedigree dogs. The fact that this new crossing had no written agenda or blue-print towards conforming to a standard in order to protect it, also led to a variety of different breeders disabling it and aiding the classification of it being known over recent decades as a mix breed and nothing more. Thankfully the Cockapoo seemed to have worked their way deservingly into the affections of some true dog lovers, who soon discovered the precious qualities offered by the combined nature of the two pure breeds. These fanciers recognized the potential for a new breed. Now as they breed to bring their dog's closer to a standard by establishing their lines with proper record keeping, having controlled breeding programs and breeding down through the generations. Their patient efforts become undermined once again as so-called breeders start to deliberately create an enormous amount of hybrids. With the exception of such dogs like the Australian Labradoodle, these breeders hope to cash in on the heels of the Cockapoo while jeopardizing the Cockapoos status as a new breed and adding to the controversy surrounding designer dogs.

Still Cockapoo fanciers are determined to see the Cockapoo rise and be acknowledged for the first time in its many years of existence as they have always know it, a breed apart from any other.

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